About Laboratory for Physical Chemistry in Nanospace

 Laboratory for Physical Chemistry in Nanospace has been newly established on April, 2010, at Department of Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Toyo University.

 Our scientific interests will focus on intermolecular interaction of condensed matter confined in nanometer-sized space. We aim to clarify the specific properties of condensed matter in nanospace from the microscopic viewpoint. In addition, we also utilize the nanospace as a template for anisotropic arrangement of the molecules. Our final goal is  understanding of the phsico-chemical properties of the condensed matter confined in nanospace on the basis of the intermolecular interaction, and  developement of the new molecular materials controled using "nanospace templete" for energy saving and ecological technology.


•Differential Thermal Analysis; DTA
•Differential Scanning Calorimetry; DSC
•LCR meter for conductivity and dielectric measurements
•Nuclear Magnetic Resonance; NMR


Following subjects are in progress.

•Phase transition of the condensed matter induced by nano-confinement
•Proton transfer phanomenon in One-dimensional hydrogen bonding molecular chain
 constracted into homogeneous nanochannels
•Depression of melting point of molecular fluid confined in nanospace
•Dynamic hydration structure of ions in electrolye solution confiend in nanospace
•Development of new NMR technique for molecular observation in nanospace

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