The Museum of Osaka University’s Machikaneyama Shugakukan originated from establishments such as the Kaitokudo (1724) and Tekijuku (1838), and aims to be an “interactive museum” where regional citizens as well as faculty members and students of the University can become acquainted with Osaka University’s “integrated knowledge”: something that has been cultivated by citizens who held free-spirited thinking in high esteem. This is a highly unique “integrated academic museum” that functions as a museum of history, natural history, and science, as well as an archive. The principle for exhibition and visual media creation is the actualization of Osaka University’s motto of “Live Locally, Grow Globally”, and is strongly conscious of “Osaka University’s originality” or “Osaka University’s styles.”


Ever since their corporatization, there has been a strong push for national universities to engage in “social contribution.” In consideration of this, our museum aims to link the University with the society around it; in other words, to function as a main in-between for “cooperation between society and academia.” As a step towards this goal, we established “Saka”, a museum café with an open terrace, on the first floor of the Machikaneyama Shugakukan. We believe that this is the first time a national university museum has undertaken something like this.


Finally, we hope that a great number of people can relax and enjoy the experience of interacting with “people, objects, and information” that Osaka University has created.


Museum Director of the Museum of Osaka University