Osaka University has two main origins. The first of them is “Kaitokudo”, a flourishing center of academia for free-thinking and critically-minded individuals established during the Edo period by Osaka civilians, and the second is “Tekijuku”, established by Ogata Koan in the late stages of the Edo period, which produced young talent, such as Fukuzawa Yukichi, in droves. Founded upon these intellectual traditions, Osaka University has developed into one of the top universities in Japan and leads both the country and the world in various fields.


The Museum collects, preserves, and exhibits valuable academic materials within the University, and proceeds with educational and research-related activities that serve as the foundation for them. It also passes along the history of Osaka University and the achievements of its pioneers, as well as transmits latest research results. Through the motto of “Live Locally, Grow Globally”, the Museum will take on the role of connecting Osaka University with society.