• 1931: Establishment of the Ishibashi Branch Hospital (current Machikaneyama Shugakukan) of Osaka Medical College (the precursor to the Faculty of Medicine, Osaka University)
  • April, 2002: Establishment of the Museum of Osaka University
  • April, 2004: Establishment of exhibition space on the 1st floor of the former E-gokan Building (current Osaka University Hall)
  • August, 2005: Transfer of teaching materials, samples, etc. from the old-system high schools to the Machikaneyama Shugakukan, and opening of the Machikaneyama Shugakukan to the public as a temporary building for historical archives
  • August, 2007: Formal opening to the public as the Machikaneyama Shugakukan Exhibition Hall
  • 2008: Registration of the Shugakukan as a tangible cultural property
  • 2012: Completion of high-performance storage area
  • 2014: Registration of the Toyotamaphimeia machikanensis as a national registered monument
  • 2015: Registration of the items excavated from Nonaka Kofun held by the School of Letters as a national important cultural property